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You will see your reflection in our perfection.

Modern Kitchen
Meet us


In a world where everything has its platinum standard, Clean R Home Ltd has established a superior reputation for stunning residential and business cleaning because of its unparalleled service and reliability. For over 20 years homeowners and landlords alike have entrusted us to maintain their beautiful properties in Virginia Water, Sunningdale/hill, Englefield Green, Chobham, Ottershaw, Chertsey and Windsor look their best.

Clean R Home provide clients with access to a range of both general and specialist cleaning services.​

Family Viewing House
House management and Consierge services


Life nowadays can be so busy, so why not delegate your household tasks to us, giving you more time for the things that really matter, like your family?

Whether it's arranging a roofer for missing tiles, or you require a painter, gardener or gas engineer, we will oversee the work and make sure it is completed on time and professionally.

If you live abroad, Home R Clean Ltd can take care of your property for you. For example, if we discover a leak, we'll arrange a plumber. If there's a fault with lights or wiring, we'll call an electrician. And we'll make sure your house or flat is well looked after.

White Bathroom
Domestic and Commercial cleaning


Make your place look like new again … and again … and again…

Clean R Home Ltd are trustworthy, trained experts - who are prepared to meet all of your needs, no matter how seemingly difficult - and believe that nothing is clean until every surface has been touched, every nook and cranny cleaned. The appropriate supplies are used to treat your glass, wood, metal, stone, marble and other precious surfaces, restoring them to their original look.

White Plants
Eco friendly


We believe that our attitude towards you our customer as well as the wider environment as a whole sets us apart from other cleaning companies and therefore incorporate eco-friendly products when necessary and whenever possible.

Clean R Home’s Ltd philosophy is that our commitment to providing a cleaning service that is kind to both your environment as well as the environment as a whole sets us apart from other domestic and commercial cleaners.

Minimal Design
We do not tie our clients into contracts


Our clients use our services because they want to, not because they are tied into contract. We know we are providing our best possible services, that's why we do not need to make anyone sign a contract. That way we know that they're continuning to use our services because they want to, not just because they've signed a piece of paper.

In return, our clients happily trust us with their keys and alarm codes, meaning there is no need for you to be at home when we come to clean, as you can see from our testimonials.

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